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It is our intention to utilize social media and familiar internal networks to empower a crusade of strong support for Third Ward Businesses. The strategic plan will be deployed as a means to gather recognition and momentum in patronizing long-time local businesses and welcoming potential new businesses. One of our objectives is to create an intricate matrix of community-minded businesses to expand on an economic ecosystem amongst dedicated small business owners. When small businesses in a community become a part of a directory, it positions the business as a leading provider of goods and services within a community. A deliberate focus on supporting local businesses helps to drive up the appeal of the shopping area, attracting tourism and consumerism dollars. The effect has a positive impact on adjacent businesses like hotels, cultural attractions, and tours. Local businesses also tend to be most involved in communities beyond just providing goods or services. To be a featured member of our campaign, businesses must take a pledge to support the movement and each other. This support will indirectly put money, attention, and investment back into community-minded events, institutions, and programming.

Our Goals

Increase Patronage of Current Third Ward Businesses to grow their capacity in meeting current residents needs but also an expansion of patronage by non-Third Ward residents in order to drive consumer dollars for economic growth and development back into Third Ward.

Create a marketing platform for new coming businesses or businesses who want to enter the Third Ward business realm.

Start a real action-oriented movement to increase patronage of Third Ward businesses that can outlast any single institution.

Create a campaign that can bring a group economic component to Third Ward community revitalization. Businesses are intended to support one another and make a statement in the community for being part of something greater than any single business.

Grow Hashtag followers organically over the next year; creating a tool for consistent global tourism.

Accepting media and news outlet publications to increase audience

How It Works

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Step 1
01 .

Follow our Social Media accounts and Hashtag!

Step 2
02 .

Support Third Ward Businesses by purchasing products and/or services

Step 3
03 .

Take a picture with our premier signage within each business

Step 4
04 .

Post your pictures and mention @buythirdward & #buythirdward & the business!

Step 5
05 .

Repost and Like others pictures whenever you can!

Step 6
06 .

Show your support for Third Ward revitalization by participating in a cultural movement!

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